BECK: Integrating education with consumer behaviour relevant to energy efficiency and climate change at the Universities of Russia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Climate change is a result of modern human lifestyles and activities: heating in buildings, power consumption, cars and aircraft, industrial companies and other activities in the built environment contribute greatly to climate change. Climate change leads to extreme weather events, such as storms, flooding, droughts and heat waves. In the last decade, the world suffered thrice as many weather-related natural disasters as in the 1960s. One of the possible solutions to these problems is improvement of education in environmental protection technology based on consumer behaviour related to energy efficiency and climate change (hereafter BECK education). The main challenge is to consolidate a variety of diverse activities in education quality improvement, such as the delivery of extensive educational programmes and capacity building, the continued knowledge sharing, etc. In order to progress on these efforts, it is necessary to build the capacity and an associated network of experts and institutions.

Unibo team leader
Marco Pretelli

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