Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra


The voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe

Who we are

We are the leading citizens’ movement to protect and celebrate Europe’s cultural and natural heritage.

We are the voice of all who believe that cultural heritage is vital for our economy, our society, our culture, our environment, our well-being and for the future of Europe.

As Europeans – people who have lived here for generations as well as people who have newly arrived – we have to take full responsibility for transmitting this heritage in good shape to future generations.

What we do for Europe’s heritage

We act as advocates of heritage towards policy-makers at all levels of governance.
We campaign to save threatened heritage sites through the 7 Most Endangered programme.
We promote excellence through the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards.

Our Work

Europa Nostra, as the leading heritage organisation in Europe, contributes to the formulation and implementation of European policies and strategies related to heritage, runs campaigns to save threatened heritage sites through the 7 Most Endangered programme, and celebrates excellence through the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards.

Each year Europa Nostra holds a major European Heritage Congress in a different city, issues publications dedicated to key heritage topics, has partnerships with various organisations and offers Heritage Tours to fascinating sites across the continent.

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