Clustering of EU projects: Innovation Actions’ Exploitation results

Clustering of EU projects: Innovation Actions’ Exploitation results

Clustering of EU projects: Innovation Actions’ Exploitation results

Annalisa Ferrante

The Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna is promoting a clustering event in relation to the most updated experiences connected to energy efficiency in building’s technological design.

The clustering event is an important opportunity to focus on the scientific researches that have led to major technological innovations, as Plug & Play, high performance and energy saving solutions, new tools and strategies to encourage large scale deep renovation and major transformation of existing buildings and promote new energy efficient design in the EU.

For the full success of this initiative, Universities, Industries and Public Bodies that have participated as coordinators or partners in Innovative Actions funded by European Research projects (completed or in progress) are warmly invited to share and discuss the outcomes of the researches on the design and prototyping of innovative elements in the building sector.

These outcomes are intended to be representative of new components and materials, new design processes, new industrial methods for manufacture and assembly building and infrastructural components, new design strategies. They should be related to:

reduction of environmental impact;
control of energy consumption;
renewable energy systems and smart grids;
business model and exploitation;
circular economy.

The scope of this initiative is to provide a comprehensive framework of the state of art related to existing or in progress innovative technologies for energy efficiency and circularity in the building sector.

Stakeholders such as building owners, local authorities, urban planners, investors, design firms and other supply and technological solution providers, as well as important industrial actors in Prefab Plug & Play systems will be invited as they have an important role in the implementation and dissemination of the project results.

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