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We invite you to our International Workshop NO MONEY FOR THE FUTURE?, taking place the 29th of October at Palau Macaya, in Barcelona. Several speakers will talk about integrated approaches to achieve energy renovation of buildings, based on their experiences of recent innovative projects co-funded by the European Commission. A roundtable session will give the opportunity for discussion between speakers and audience and will connect the project outcomes to the Mediterranean reality.

The workshop is open to Public Bodies, Municipalities and main stakeholders in the building sector (Industries, Engineers, Architects, Professionals and Construction Companies).

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Coordinated by the University of Bologna, Pro-GET-onE is a Horizon 2020 funded project. It develops and proves an integrated approach for tackling two important needs in existing buildings: safety upgrades to face future earthquakes in seismic zones and nearly zero energy consumption, aligning the buildings with EU climate change reduction targets. Residents in two pilot sites will be involved in the design and implementation process from the very start in order to consider their views and motivations, so as to deliver satisfying renovations and share them with other EU citizens.

Unibo team leader: Annarita Ferrante

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